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Black & White Photography

Philip Wood is a self-taught photographer, who has been capturing unique images for the past thirty years. Influenced by the early black and white portrait photographers from the turn of the century, to the street photographers of the 40's and 50's, Philip Wood has created his own very distinctive style.

Philip prefers the use of natural light without filters in his work. Instead, he supports the subject or landscape to be infused with their own beauty, and discovers a moment when innocence, truth, authenticity are simply yet powerfully revealed.

Black & White Portrait Photographs

Black and white portraits of people - especially close up portraits or candid portraits that evokes a person's uniqueness of spirit - is where Philip excels, "I love waiting for those times of connection with people, I feel it in my body, rather than seeing it. A moment arises when their true essence reveals itself."

Philip has a natural affinity for black and white portraits of children, especially since he has 4 children of his own and 5 grandchildren who have been a constant source of inspiration and delight.

Black & White Photo Portfolio

Small details of windows, sacred spaces, wide landscape views, as well as black and white portrait photographs fill the portfolio of Philip Wood. Preferring to keep his pictures 'bare' and 'real'. He shuns the special effects that dress most modern photography. Like the renowned Cartier-Bresson and Doisneau, he works in the tradition of real or street photography, believing the pictures should be more art than science.

Click the thumbnail images on this page to enter Philip Wood's on-line portfolio of black & white photographs.

Black & White Photographer

Philip Wood lives in Vancouver BC Canada, he photographs with a Professional Contax Film Cameras and Carl Zeiss lenses, capturing exquisite clarity and detail.

In addition to specializing in black and white portraits - Philip is available for specific assignments and commissions.
Please phone 1-250-935-6676.

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